“All Services are not mean to all Returnees”

Although the project has a number of support services to various target groups at different levels, assistance to returnees under the project are mainly categorized into two, as mentioned below.

  1. Post-arrival Assistance
  • Transportation services, within Addis Ababa
  • Onward transport cash allowance, outside Addis Ababa
  • Emergency referrals to access psycho-social and rehabilitation services
  • Emergency referrals to hospitals with severe medical conditions
  • Temporary access to meals and accommodation at the transit center
  • Medical screening and health check-ups
  • Psycho-social and reintegration advise
  1. Later Reintegration Assistance
  • Health Further health care referrals and linkages for patients already on treatment for chronic illnesses
  • Helping to  continue/start education program
  • Participation in different awareness raising activities such as story telling via TV & Radio programs
  • Referral to job counseling and prospective employers
  • Access to short-term vocational/occupational skills training program
  • Provision of necessary materials/ equipment as well as business counseling during start-up of micro-businesses