This booklet is meant for providing reintegration information to Ethiopian migrants, particularly those returning from EU Member States and Switzerland and Norway to help them make informed decision to reestablish their life in Ethiopia and strengthening their self-sufficiency and making their return more sustainable. It maps out service areas available for returnees at ARRA RRPMO and other organizations that work on return and reintegration.


Agency for Refugees and Returnees Affairs Returnees Reintegration Project Management Office (ARRA RR – PMO) in collaboration with Federal Urban Job Creation and Food Security Agency (FUJCFSA) developed and printed different training manuals /guidelines, which support the provision of short term skill training as part of capacity building support to the GoE and strengthening Ethiopian migrant returnees’ economic reintegration

  1. Returnees Economic Reintegration Information Booklet This information booklet shows government structural support frameworks and services for returnees from the federal to kebele level one centre, so that the returnees from migration can see all their benefit available in the economic sector. The information booklet provides major information to returnees regarding social economic support provided by different stakeholders (i.e. starting from registration to lone service, saving service, working place support). Overall, the booklet is prepared to aware returnees where does, and how business development service (BDS) is provided by government.  Inside  the booklet,  type of service for returnees, steps and process for job creation, service that are provided in one stop centers(OSSC) are expanded  very well
  1. Operational Guideline for Businesses Used as Seed Capital

This guideline is prepared to support the establishment of consistence working system in a coordinated manner at country level to enhance jobs opportunity creation for low-income job seekers who don’t have initial start-up capital. The operational guideline also state paths to transform young job seekers to regular job creation sectors and utilizing the limited resource of the country properly. Working condition and transformation in the sector of seed capital,  role and responsibility of stakeholders and actors, monitoring and feedback, scope of application of the guideline , amendment of the guideline and  effective date of the guideline  are the main section of the guideline

3.Urban Job Creation Structure Operational Guideline

This guideline is prepared to lead job opportunity creation system in an efficient, fair and consistent manner. The guideline is very helpful for the identification and registering of job seeker, and establishment micro and small enterprise. The guideline cover main section like  identification, and registration of job seekers , micro and small scale business organization   and job opportunities option , role and responsibilities of stakeholders, and  monitoring, evaluation and supportive supervision system

4.Life Skill Training Manual

This life skill training manual is a training manuals that is prepared for returnees to gain the skills, they need to cope with the challenges of life and make it easier for returnees to pass, ups and downs of life challenges. To that end, the manuals cover many different life skill necessary for independent of the returnees in various setting. The manual is designed in a way to actively engage returnees, with a simple approach that everyone can easily understand. Persona skill, interpersonal skill, social skill are main component of manual

5.Training Manual on Entrepreneurship and Business Plan Development for Returnees

This training manual is designed to trainee returnees for business planning preparation   and entrepreneurial skills. The manual covered main lessons to boost returnees with the ability to recognize commercial opportunities, self- esteem, managing resources, and initiating a business venture. So that, it is very helpful for returnees, and those of expert who are working in job creation sectors at all levels. These are the main content on the manual; entrepreneurship, skills for successful entrepreneurship, human resource management skill and asset control, and business planning preparation

6.Guiding Manual for Micro and Small Enterprises Auditing

This micro and small enterprises audit service delivery manual is a modern auditing system that will enable micro enterprises to manage their financial and assets to ensure that MSE met obligations set by the government, and that other parties can have confidence in their activities. It is intended to enable them to properly evaluate their work and know their gaps, so that the support will be based on the identified gaps. Moreover, this guideline help professionals assigned to MSE sector to carry out their duties and responsibilities properly. The following are the content of the manual; general auditing farmworker , auditors role and responsibility, audit preparation and action, audit plan and  audit report

7.Micro and Small Enterprises Accounting Service Delivery Manual

Micro and small enterprises accounting service delivery manuals contains relevant accounting rules and procedures, and other helpful financial information for MSE in day to day business operation. To this end, this guideline help MSE to handle proper financial record keeping of their business activities. This manual divided in to five main section ; general accounting , enterprise finance head role and responsibility , micro and small enterprise structure and sector types, accounting, and  tax.


Please see the attached info graphics, which show the locations of our return and reintegration project intervention in the project’s primary target regions.

ToT(Training of Trainer )

From March 8 to 10, 2022, Three days ToT(Training of Trainer )conducted in Amhara region, Bahir dar town Jacaranda Hotel
•Training Tittle : Entrepreneurship & Business Planning Manual TOT & other Prepared Training Manuals 5th Round Introductory Workshop
o Regional Labor and skills bureau level participants
o Zonal Labor and skills bureau level participants
o Woreda Labor and skill (Job creation and training facilitator directorate) bureau level representatives
o Selected OSSC representatives and trainers

Community Dialogue

On March 12 2022 we conduct the second round Community Dialogue conversation at kolfe keranio woreda o4

Women’s first 5km

On March 13 2022 Women’s first 5km run