A robust platform has been set with the umbrella organization for ARRA; Peace Minister on October 24;2018 in ARRA head office. The meeting was held between the minister for Ministry of Peace H.E Mrs.Muferiat Kamil and other officials from  Ministry of peace and management team of ARRA. An introductory briefing about refugee life in Ethiopia and organizational structure has been made by Mr.Eyob Awoke (Deputy Director of ARRA). Discussions were also held in the areas of CRRF mainstreaming in the Minister especially recommended for a strong public discussion and sensitization. H.E Muferiat Kamil also stated that “We should be innovative to attract many donors in addition to the excellent job we are doing to refugees and related projects.” It is expected that this robust introductory platform will result for an immense and fruitful coordination as it will enhance the country’s capacity of handling refugees well which lasted for the past centuries.

H.E Mrs.Muferiat Kamil(Ministry of Peace) with officials from Ministry of peace and H.E Mr.Hadera Abera;Deputy Director of NISS

ARRA management team and Officials from Ministry of peace

ARRA management team with Ministry of peace officials and H.E Mrs.Muferiat Kamil(in the middle)