The camp is located in Amhara regional state Dabat woreda. Alem-Wach refugees’ camp is 800 km far from Addis Ababa, 70 km from the historical Gondar city. The area of the camp is estimated about 91 hectares, and Neighboring by two local kebeles’.

Alem-Wach is a place located in Dabat town. Alem-Wach refugee camp was inaugurated in 26th of June, 2021with the presence of both ARRA director general and UNHCR Ethiopia representatives, zonal and woreda representatives from Amhara regional state, refugees representatives from both Adi-Harush and Mai-Ayini, host community religious leaders and different community representatives and camp and zonal colleagues both from ARRA and UNHCR were all attended the ceremony.

Followed by the decision of ARRA and UNHCR to open new camp in Amhara regional state, Dabat woreda, called Alem-Wach refugees camp, the development of the refugees’ camp has been started since 13th of July, 2021 with the consideration of relocating all the Eritrean refugees under Mai-Tsebri operation, whom are currently under the full conquered of the terrorist group of TPLF since 13th of July, 2021 with zero services.

On 13th of July, 2021 19 refugees’ representatives who were came to participate on the meeting with both ARRA and UNHCR senior managers from Addis, community representatives around the Alem-Wach refugees’ camp in Dabat woreda and the others 216 refugees, who were out of the two camps on different reasons before the incidence occurred were arrived here in Dabat town, and as of today we welcomed a total of 235 refugees and they are accommodated in one of the government school found in Dabat town, used as a reception center.

Nowadays, we have been working the sub project activities collaborate with UN agencies (UNHCR and WFP) and other two implementing partners (ANE and IHS) those who got green light to be the first implementing partners in the history of Alem-Wach refugees’ camp.

ANE (Action for the Needy Ethiopia)

  • Shelter
    • Access road
    • Energy

IHS (Innovative Humanitarian Solution)

  • WaSH
    • Wet feeding

Dabat town is located in North Gondar, Amhara, Ethiopia, its geographical coordinates are 12° 59′ 3″ North, 37° 45′ 54″ East and its altitude is 2599 Meters above sea level.