With a mandate to receive and assist refugees, the Administration for Refugee & Returnee Affairs (ARRA) assumes higher responsibilities in managing and coordinating the refugee program in Ethiopia as enshrined in the refugee proclamation which Ethiopia has enacted in 2004. As a government counterpart of UNHCR, ARRA continues to play a leading role in the overall refugee management operations in the country. As one of the largest refugee hosting nation in Africa, coming second to Uganda, Ethiopia plays host to more than 900,000 refugees in its 27 refugee camps spread across six regions in the country.

  • The Ethiopia government continues to uphold its long-standing refugee hospitality with its very generous open door policy, gaining international acclaim and veneration as a result.
  • As a signatory to the major international and regional refugee conventions and laws, our refugee protection norms do not fall out of the standards put forth in the refugee laws and conventions. Upholding the rights of refugees continues to be my government’s priority as we venture to new ways of doing business.

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D/Director - ARRA