We continued living through our values; which excelled our reputation and excellence of hosting refugees and being a good model of warm hospitality of how a country with limited resources and a great challenge of its own keeps its doors open. It is a fact that we have a long standing tradition of hospitality to refugees since when its former history of receiving the then followers of prophet Mohamed in the 7th century during the so-called “first Hijra”. Late in 1960s, the subsequent arrival of the members of anti-colonialist pan African movements from various African countries including the late President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela. We are also one of the largest refugee hosting countries in the world, continues to be a place of safety for 926,263 refugees as of October, 2018 who fled their homes as a result of natural or man-made crisis in their countries of origin. The government of Ethiopia has further strengthened its commitment to protect and assist the refugees generously hosted in the country.

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